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General Dentistry

Dentistry for the family.

Dental Cleanings & Exams

We have found that a checkup every six months is usually what it takes to maintain your oral health. At each check up, your hygienist will freshen up your mouth with a thorough cleaning, and then our doctor will examine and talk to you about your teeth and your overall oral health.

Integrative Dental Medicine

Did you know that your oral health is a direct reflection on your overall health and well-being? We are passionate about creating health and wellness for you through patient education and the preventive and screening methods we have implemented in our dental practice. Ask us about it all your next visit with us.

Cavities & Fillings

Cavities are very common, and if we can address a cavity early enough, sometimes you may not even need a filling. But when cavities are not addressed, they can lead to more serious dental problems. If you think you might have a cavity, contact us now to schedule an appointment.

Gum Disease Therapy

Did you know research has shown that gum disease has been linked to certain heart problems, pregnancy complications, respiratory diseases, osteoporosis, and even depression and poor aging? If you have gum disease, we want to treat it for you, but we also want to teach you some easy steps to prevent it in the future.

Dental Implants and Implant Restoration

A great way to replace a missing tooth, dental implants are strong and permanent, allowing you to eat all types of food and brush and floss as you normally would. Dental implants preserve the jaw bone that is lost after the loss of a tooth, and unlike a bridge, they do not harm the adjacent teeth.

TMJ Treatment

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, or disharmony between the jaw joints, also known as TMJ, facial muscles that open and close your mouth, and your teeth, can cause aching muscle pain, headaches, and other symptoms. We can alleviate these issues with appliances like occlusal splints and nightguards, or restoratively by reshaping teeth and repairing worn teeth to balance the bite.

Crowns & Bridges

Unlike dental implants, crowns and bridges are placed on top of existing teeth. Crowns are used on single teeth, covering and protecting a damaged tooth. Bridges are used to replace missing teeth, and must be anchored to other nearby teeth. We’ll discuss your options and pick the route that’s best for you.

Digital Impressions

Digital impressions represent cutting-edge technology that allows dentists to create precise virtual, computer-generated replica of the hard and soft tissues in the mouth using a scanning camera, without the need for traditional impression materials. Our patients love that they don’t have to experience a mouth full of goo anymore while getting fitted for new restorations for their teeth, night guards, or any other orthodontic appliances. Come and see for yourself.