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In the US, about 32 million children won’t ever see a dentist during childhood. Only about half the kids in the US make it to the dentist once a year.

Some parents might get overwhelmed with the needs of their children or can’t afford semi-annual dental visits. Some parents have their own issues with dental anxiety and don’t follow through with care for their kids. 

Most parents, though, want to find the best dentist for kids, so it’s a positive and healthy experience going to the dentist. They keep their kid’s teeth healthy and create good dental hygiene habits. 

Are you wondering if a pediatric dentist might be a better approach for your children? What can you expect from going to a pediatric dentist? Read on to learn more about what you can expect from a pediatric dental visit for your children.

A Dentist Who Engages With Kids

A dentist for kids, like Dr. Robert Govoni, should love kids and know how to engage with them and make them feel comfortable. They should be comfortable talking to kids of all ages.

The dentist should give their attention to the kids and make them feel like they are the most important part of the visit. Knowing how to talk about things kids care about will be important for a pediatric dentist.


Dentists for kids are not the same as family dentists. Pediatric dentists are specially trained to work with children and their unique needs. 

You should expect to see a dentist like Dr. Monika, who is trained extensively and understands children’s unique requirements and demands. 

Pediatric dentists should be comfortable sharing their qualifications with parents, so they feel confident having them work on their children’s teeth. 

Wide Range of Services

The best dentist office for children will offer a wide range of services. The truth is that your children will grow up with their dentist in their lives. 

You want a dental office that offers a wide range of services to meet your children’s needs as they grow older. This might include services like orthodontics, dental x-rays, sedation dentistry, or dental implants.

Kid-Centric Office

The best pediatric dentist office looks and feels different than a family dentist office. A pediatric dentist’s office should feel completely kid-centric. 

The office should know their clientele are children and should be set up to accommodate them. Everything from the waiting room decor to the dental chairs and consultation room should be friendly to children. 

The staff should also be child-focused, doing everything they can to make them feel welcome and comfortable. 

Prevention Approach

The best dentist for children should treat your child’s dental health with a preventative approach. Instead of simply treating your child when issues arise, the focus should be on prevention.

They should be working with your child to teach them about healthy dental hygiene habits. The focus should be on maintaining a healthy mouth versus addressing problems when there isn’t good oral hygiene. 

Of course, you want a pediatric dentist who’s prepared to address potential problems too. 

Management of Dental Anxiety and Fear

A pediatric dentist can do everything right, and there will still be children who struggle with dental anxiety and fear. It’s pretty common. 

Of course, one of the goals of having your child see a pediatric dentist is to prevent that dental anxiety with lots of positive dental experiences. 

Sometimes, the fear and anxiety of the dentist just happen. The best dentist will comfortably help your child through their fears and not dismiss them. 

References and Reviews

The best dentist in Chicago should come with raving reviews. They should even be proud of those reviews, knowing they work hard to care for the children they treat. 

Be sure to check out online reviews before choosing a pediatric dentist. A raving review from someone who already visits the office should make you feel confident in your choice. Don’t be afraid to ask for references from friends, family, and neighbors. 


You could search for the top dentist in Chicago, but they won’t be suitable for you if their location isn’t convenient. The best dentist in Chicago will not only be great with the care they give your child but they will also be conveniently located where you live. 

The reality is that you’re busy, and your kids are active. You’ll have a hard time making those dentist appointments if you need to traverse the city to get to the dentist. Location matters so you can get there and maintain those regular visits. 


A great dentist for your kids will also work hard for you as a parent. One thing you should expect from your child’s pediatric dentist is their willingness to consult with you about your child’s dental health. 

Your dentist should be equipped to meet with you and discuss your child’s dental needs. Most pediatric dentists will even offer a beginning consultation so you can learn about the office and how they approach dental health for kids. 

Make Going to the Dentist a Fun and Positive Experience

The best dentists for children make the experience a positive one. As a parent, you already know that getting them there can be a real struggle when your child doesn’t want to go somewhere. 

Going to the pediatric dentist should be a fun and positive experience for your child, not one they dread or resist. 

Best Dentist for Kids, Brushin’ on Belmont

A Chicago kids dentist, like Dr. Bob and Dr. Monika, will work hard to focus on your child’s specific needs and make going to the best dentist for kids a positive experience. 

Bring your child into Brushin’ on Belmont, and be assured that visiting the dentist will be a positive experience for them. Contact us today to set up a time when we can meet you and start working with your child.