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Brushin’ on Belmont wants to congratulate Dr. Monika Govoni, our resident General and Cosmetic Dentist, for completing her certification from the prestigious Dawson Academy! The Dawson Academy is a postgraduate educational and clinical research facility that provides dental courses proven to be the foundation for the successful practice of complete, predictable dentistry. This program will instill long-term benefits for all practices, providing longevity and beauty in Dr. Monika’s dentistry. These advanced courses teach students the essential principles and skills for complete dentistry (the foundation of dentistry), dental occlusion (contact between teeth), temporomandibular joints (jaw bone in connection to the skull) and comprehensive esthetic restorative dentistry (tailored treatment to ensure a beautiful smile).

The Dawson Academy has helped students to be more confident in their practice, to change the way they look at their patients and the masticatory system, and remapped how they navigate the diagnostic process. Dr. Monika best sums up her Dawson Academy experience when she says that “Graduating from dental school as just a ‘drill and fill’ dentist, I always felt like I was missing the bigger picture. The Dawson Academy curriculum has made me a better, more ‘complete’ dentist who now sees her patients as a ‘whole’. This additional training has laid out a pattern for me to follow while diagnosing and planning and executing treatment, always striving for thoroughness, highest quality, honesty and ultimately, predictable success.”

Why a Dawson Dentist Matters

Dawson dentists are passionate about their practice and have dedicated numerous hours of postgraduate education to learn the essentials of dentistry at the highest ethical and professional level. Dawson dentists understand how to maintain health and comfort as well as creating and maintaining a healthy smile for their patients. One rule that Dawson dentists are trained to implement in their practice is WIDIOM, “would I do it on me?” This ensures dentists are carefully examining their patients and helping them understand every problem and providing full transparency.

Because of Dr. Monika’s certification and training, you can expect Brushin’ on Belmont to bring you and your family into an office that not only understands how to keep your mouth biologically healthy, but how to keep your mouth functionally healthy. In other words, what is the best way to fill in your cavities AND keep the function and movement of your mouth in top condition? Examinations and treatments are never rushed, so you can be confident in the fact that you will get full disclosure on what’s going on by the end of your visit at Brushin’ on Belmont. No matter the case, Dawson dentists are equipped with specific problem solving experience, and will be able to carefully evaluate and treat each unique case in the best way possible.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Monika, click on the link below. Brushin’ on Belmont is located in Chicago’s Roscoe Village. We are your General, Cosmetic, and Pediatric dentists in Lakeview and North Side, and our services include cleanings and exams, teeth whitening, braces, botox, implants, veneers, and many more.