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Dr. Monika Govoni, DDS, is one half of the Govoni duo here at Brushin’ on Belmont. She and her husband are two of our talented dentists, and we are lucky to work alongside them! We want to give Dr. Govoni a spotlight for all that she does.

Dr. Govoni was born in Jaslo, a little town in the south of Poland. She moved to Chicago in her late teens and began her education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where she studied biological sciences. During her college years, she worked as a dental assistant, which inspired her to take on dentistry as a career path. She earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree with honors from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Just like most professions, there’s a range of skill levels among dentists based on type of advanced education, training, and philosophy of patient care. Dr. Govoni is a graduate of the prestigious Dawson Academy, an advanced dental education facility that emphasizes a comprehensive, individualized approach to patients’ dental care, beginning with prevention and early detection and treatment of disease, tooth wear, and functional problems.

This concept of Complete Care dentistry requires an understanding of every part of the chewing system, including jaw joints, facial and temporal muscles, and teeth. Dr. Govoni is one of only 10% of dentists in the country who practice this concept of patient care. Through proper diagnosis and treatment planning, patients are able to receive treatments in a more conservative manner, allowing them to keep as much of their natural tooth structure as possible and helping to maintain healthy smiles for their lifetime.

Dr. Govoni is especially passionate about the esthetic aspect of dentistry. She loves seeing how, through even a simple bonding or whitening procedure, she can transform patients’ smiles, boost their confidence, and make them smile more. Her understanding of facial esthetics and her artistic touch really come in handy when she undertakes complete smile makeovers for her patients. From the photography to the careful smile design in wax to the handmade provisional restorations, she is always excited to see her work culminating in a beautiful final smile restoration. Creating a positive change in patients’ smiles through different smile enhancement procedures can often have dramatic results on patients’ overall appearance and self-esteem. This is one of the sides of dentistry that Dr. Govoni finds especially rewarding.

Dr. Govoni strongly believes that any aspect of dentistry, including esthetic dentistry, must complement the patient’s overall general and oral health. Through her continuing education studies, she has developed a special interest in Integrative Dental Medicine, a growing discipline whereby the goal is to understand the cause and effect relationship of health and wellbeing. Dr. Govoni feels strongly that it is her duty to promote this model through patient education and the preventive and screening methods she has implemented here at Brushin’ on Belmont.

Besides dentistry, Dr. Monika enjoys visiting new places, spending time with her husband and their three children, and figure skating.

Dr. Govoni strives to provide her patients with healthy, beautiful smiles that will function properly and serve them comfortably for years to come. We are lucky to have Dr. Govoni with us, and we know that you will love her as much as we do!