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Parents should start brushing their child’s teeth as early as 18 months old. This will depend on when their child develops their baby teeth and what the dentist says. Teaching your child dental hygiene can feel like quite a task. But the reality is that this is extremely important for your child’s health.

Dental care is the backbone of having a healthy mouth and strong teeth. This guide will help you understand how to encourage dental health in your child.

Keep reading to find out how to teach your child about dental hygiene.

Start Early

Creating a dental routine is something that should be a priority for parents. Taking care of your child’s mouth is something you can start when they are an infant.

When your child gets their baby teeth, you can begin brushing with or without toothpaste. Of course, you will have to handle all of their oral health at first.

As your child gets older, you can teach them about caring for their teeth themselves. Even toddlers can understand and start to brush their teeth.

Make sure you give your child some independence as early as possible. It will help them to learn if they get a chance to brush their teeth on their own.

You can always continue brushing their teeth afterward just to make sure it’s done right. But you want to encourage independence so that your child develops the habit.

Encourage the Basics

Proper brushing is very important for developing teeth. This can be difficult to teach your children, but you need to stay diligent.

The main thing you need to focus on is teaching them the basics of dental hygiene. Provide them with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss to get them started.

You can show your children how to use these items and demonstrate how it works. It is important to help them and watch how they are progressing.

Younger children will most likely need help to ensure correct dental health. But as they get older, they can do more and more on their own without assistance.

Practice Dental Education

Dental checkups at Brushin’ on Belmont are just one part of caring for your child’s teeth. You also want to make sure you are educating your child individually.

There are a lot of resources online to make this easier for you. You can show your child videos of people brushing their teeth to give them an example.

You can also buy books about dental hygiene to help them understand its importance. There are plenty of resources for children that make this topic engaging.

Parents have to understand that they are a huge influence on their children. If you want your child to have good dental hygiene, you have to demonstrate that.

Make sure your child sees you brushing and flossing your teeth every day. Ideally, you should be doing this with them so that they are encouraged to do it for themselves.

Make It Fun

Taking care of your child’s teeth doesn’t have to be overwhelming. When it comes to children, it is important to show them the fun side of things.

For a lot of children, brushing their teeth is a daily chore. It isn’t exciting and many children may try to avoid it.

You need to create a different perspective on dental health. Try taking your child to the store to let them pick out their dental hygiene tools.

They can choose a fun toothbrush and colorful floss picks. You can also get them a tasty flavor of toothpaste and mouthwash designed for kids.

You can also teach your child to sing a song while they are brushing their teeth. This is a great way to ensure they are brushing their teeth for long enough while making it fun.

Create a Routine

Children thrive when they can develop daily habits. To encourage dental health, you need this to become a part of what they do every day.

This helps to establish the routine and makes it feel more natural. You can have a dental routine with your child every morning and evening.

Try to create a routine that feels special and encourages excitement. Maybe your child brushes their teeth before you read them a bedtime story.

Or they may do this before they can watch their morning cartoons.

Have Regular Dental Visits

Dental services are very important for a child’s developing teeth. Children need to see a dentist for kids more often than when they get older.

You need to find a pediatric dentist that is a good fit for your family. They should provide pediatric dentistry services perfect for a developing child.

You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Bob or Dr. Monica to check up on your child’s teeth. They should have an appointment at least twice a year.

This ensures that their teeth are developing the way that they should. Your child’s dentist can also offer advice if they notice any dental concerns.

Dental Hygiene: Teaching Kids the Basics

If you have a young child, you may not know how to encourage dental hygiene. This is a common issue but there are several ways you can teach your children about caring for their teeth.

You need to start early and teach them the basics when creating a routine. You also need to make sure they are having regular dentist appointments.

Do you want to schedule a dentist appointment with Dr. Monica? Contact us today at Brushin’ on Belmont to get started.