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There are over 4,000 general dental practices in Chicago and over 3,000 specialist practices. That means that Chicagoland parents have a lot of choices when it comes to finding a Chicago kids’ dentist.

But that doesn’t mean that you should just choose the first one you see or the one closest to your house. It’s worth taking a little time to do some research and find the best dentist for kids in your area. And we’re here to show you what you need to look out for.

Read on for our ultimate guide to finding the best pediatric dentist for your kids.

Start with Recommendations…

A recommendation from a trusted friend is worth its weight in gold. Rather than googling the top dentist in Chicago, talk to other parents at the school gate or trusted friends to get their recommendations. Put a message on your family WhatsApp group and let them know you’re in the market for a new dentist.

Ask friends with kids for their recommendations for the best dentist for children in the area. You may get a flood of recommendations. But they make a great starting point for further research.

…Move On to Online Reviews

Once you’ve got your list of recommendations, start to check out online review sites.

Of course, you need to be a savvy review reader. People who write reviews may be very happy or very unhappy. Be prepared that even great dentists will occasionally get a bad review.

But look at how the dental office responds to them. If they’re courteous and are clearly trying to resolve the issue, that tells you a lot about the practice. 

Also, as you read through reviews, you’ll get an overall feel for the strengths of the practice. Look out for what parents have to say about how their kids feel and how comfortable the dentist makes the experience.

Check Out Their Qualifications and Experience

OK, most of us have no idea what the top dental schools are. But checking out a dentist’s online resume can tell you a lot about them.

Look out for how experienced they are. There’s nothing wrong with newly qualified dentists, but it’s good to know that your kids are being treated by someone who’s seen it all before. They’ll have the skills with kids and the dental skills to get great results.

Also, look for specialist training. It’s true that general dentists can treat kids. But the gold standard is a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist. They have completed an additional two years of training in pediatric dentistry.

The most qualified and experienced dentists often go on to train the next batch of pediatric dentists. If you choose a dentist who is also involved in training, you know you’re getting a kids’ dentist at the top of their game.

Can the Whole Family Get Treatment?

There are so many types of dental offices out there! There are pediatric dentists, general dentists, and orthodontists. If your family needs all three, it can be downright exhausting having to visit a ton of different places.

If you don’t have time for that, the best dentist in Chicago for you is one that does everything under one roof. A place where parents, young children, and teens can all get the treatment they need.

This cuts down on stress and makes logistics a breeze. Plus, your whole family gets to build a rapport with the staff and dentists. That makes everyone more likely to stick to a good dental care routine.

What’s the Ambience Like?

A recent study found that by age 7, 7% of children have dental phobia, rising to 8% at age 9.

There are lots of factors at play, but when choosing a dentist, consider the ambience of the dental office. Is it family-friendly, with fun things to keep kids occupied while they’re waiting? Do they use calming colors that will help your child to relax?

Of course, the key person is the dentist. You need a dentist who is great with kids and understands what makes them tick. Choose a dentist that can relate to kids and set their minds at rest, and you’ll have few problems getting your young ones to go for their annual exams.

Do They Focus on Education?

Kids need more than just a checkup. They need to be taught how to care for their teeth, so they’re set up for a lifetime of great dental and oral health.

The best Chicago kids’ dentists are able to make education about brushing, flossing, and diet fun. Your kids won’t feel lectured but will get the message.

They will also focus on preventative care. This includes recommending fluoride treatments and dental sealants where appropriate. 

Think About the Location

Ideally, your kids should see the dentist every six months. To make sure that the schedule doesn’t slip, choose a dental office that is in a convenient location. 

This should be somewhere close to where you live, your kids’ schools, or your place of work. The fact is, if it’s out of the way or across the other side of the city, you won’t be inclined to travel there very often. The schedule will slip, and your kids might miss out on the treatment they need.

The best choice is not necessarily the closest, but it’s within a reasonable commute so that you can attend regularly.

Find the Best Dentist for Kids in Chicago

The best dentist for kids is a trained pediatric dentist who has a great rapport with kids. They can put kids at ease so that going to the dentist isn’t an ordeal anymore. Then they have the skills to address all those dental issues that emerge during childhood.

Brushin’ on Belmont is a family practice in every sense of the word. Owned by husband and wife dentist team Dr. Bob and Dr. Monika, they provide the type of care they want their own kids to receive. From the decor to the technology, everything is arranged to give your children the highest standards of pediatric dental care.

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